About Us

Hello, my name is Brandi Stecich and I am the proud founder of Cape Wicks!
I live in Yarmouth, MA which is located on Cape Cod....

My company was founded one day when I was sitting at home with my seven month old son.  I found myself trying to think of something fun that I could do to give myself some alone time.

I looked around my house and noticed that I had alot of candles. I thought hmmm I wonder how hard it could really be to make things like that?

Well little did I know what I was getting myself into, it is more difficult then I thought (haha).

What I like about making candles and candle favors is that you can do absolutely anything to them that you want!! Any scent, Any Color, Any theme!

What does Cape Wicks offer?

We offer specialty candle favors for any special occasion and holiday.

We can create as many candles or as few candles as you may need to make that event extra special.

As simple or as complex as you may like!

**If you would like just one single candle for your own use we can do that also!

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